Connect. Learn. Collaborate.

Step into CCNG with regional and virtual events designed with you in mind.

When we originally imagined CCNG, we imagined gathering contact center professionals hungry for conversation; grateful to share perspectives and hear others'; excited to discover solutions independent of bias. From our very first event to our most recent, we've managed to do just that.

CCNG events are focused on what contact center professionals like yourself need most: networking, idea sharing, learning, and problem solving.

Our events are made successful by our tried-and-true formula:
Trust + Expertise + Connection.

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As our number one tenet, we build trust into our events by fostering honest knowledge sharing that incorporates your voice; your opinion; your expertise. We're not out to promote anyone's agenda except yours.
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From live events to webinars and online discussions surrounding the events, CCNG is a community driven by its members. We'll facilitate the environment for the exchange of ideas, then step back and let your expertise shine.
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We put handshakes over hacks. CCNG events are designed to give you the opportunity to develop real relationships with peers you can turn to when you need it most, rather than vendors seeking a sale.

Whether in-person or virtual, we put our all into designing events that answer your questions and move you forward.

Recruiting, hiring, and retention. Collecting feedback and measuring quality of service. Modernizing today's contact centers.