CCNG is a member organization. Registration is necessary to attend events.

CCNG works with event hosts to address any unique concerns of the host company's environment and business operations and reserves the right to manage attendance accordingly.

All membership fees and registration fees must be paid in full prior to the event. CCNG does not accept payments at the door.

Select CCNG events are for customer service and contact center personnel only. This includes, but is not limited to, operations, quality control, quality assurance, information technologies, human resources, training, and customer service departments/teams.

CCNG reserves the right to limit the number of special offers and coupon codes used per center location and/or company.

CCNG reserves the right to restrict event registrations in order to maintain a balance between contact center management and industry management/representatives.

CCNG encourages industry vendors, consultants, and third party companies to participate in the CCNG Network for peer networking and educational best practice/knowledge sharing. Product presentations and selling are not permitted. Lack of consideration of this policy may result in forfeiture of membership and/or event access.

A refund of registration fees is subject to approval and may incur a cancellation fee.