How To Engage & Ignite Your Organization For Exceptional CX Technology Execution


In a recent CCNG member Town Hall, Kelly Sigmond led this discussion on how to achieve successful employee engagement implementing Customer Experience technology. Kelly has extensive experience as a CX champion and leader, working for the United States Postal Service for 32 years. Her experience brings valuable insights on making an impact in customer experience given opportunities to implement platform changes in the Postal Service.

Below are key points from this discussion. For the full one hour Town Hall recording, visit the CCNG website, Programs, Town Hall Spotlights once released for non-members. Active members have immediate access on the website after sign-in, Resources, Recorded Town Hall Events.

Key Points from Discussion

Behind every great customer experience is a great employee enabled by great technology.

Governance is more than just project management or business processes, it requires cross-functional collaboration and involvement from various stakeholders to successfully implement large-scale changes.

In addition to the overall responsible team, having a mid-level steering team can also contribute to project success.

The employee experience is crucial in identifying and addressing customer pain points, as they can provide valuable insights on the issues and how to make improvements.

Establishing change champions who not only test systems but also actively solicit ideas from their team members can be a successful strategy for implementing change.

The significance of employee engagement and communication in driving successful organizational change.

Customer Experience and Technology

Behind every great customer experience is a great employee enabled by great technology.

Implementing Salesforce for 75,000 users, 16 contact centers, and 30,000 locations had a significant impact on the organization’s customer interactions, offering a rewarding opportunity for growth and development.

Alignment between business requirements documentation and key success factors is critical for successful decision-making within business units.

Don’t be afraid to hit the HOLD BUTTON… Kelly put this large project on hold afte personally visiting the work site and identified usability issues, highlighting the importance of user feedback in project development.

Kelly Sigmon is an active CCNG Academy member, CEO and Founder -KMS CX Solutions in Tampa Florida. Her consulting practice offers a unique delivery for operationalizing customer experience improvement at every touchpoint. Leveraging prior experience to offer customized customer service strategies, approaches, and improvements to a diverse portfolio of clients. Specializing in technology change management, increasing customer satisfaction, and leading organizational efficiencies and effectiveness.

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