Resilience: Linchpin of Workplace Sustainability


Leaders are facing a myriad of challenges today. Burned-out employees, retention and recruitment challenges, higher benefit, DE&I, and social responsibility expectations, in addition to market and supply chain concerns. How can a resilience strategy help leaders anchor their organizations for sustainable success?

In a recent CCNG Town Hall, Kathleen Gramzay shared several key points that mental health is interconnected with physical and emotional health, and focusing on resilience can improve overall well-being and drive business progress.

* Mental health, emotional health, behavioral health, and physical health are all interconnected and should be considered as one holistic concept.
* The COVID-19 pandemic has helped reduce the stigma surrounding mental health, emphasizing that it is just as important as physical health.
* Focusing on resilience as the top strategy can improve mental, physical, and emotional health, enabling individuals to address various issues and drive business progress.

Kathleen Gramzay, Founder of Kinessage LLC, supporting performance, culture, and wellness-conscious organizations, teaching leaders and teams to enjoy and model resilience so their organization can sustainably succeed through focus, creativity, and a thriving culture.  Kathleen is a 20+year Body/Mind Resilience & Self-Care Innovator, Speaker, Educator, and Developer of Kinessage® Mindful Resilience, and the Kinessage® Release Your Pain Virtual Self Care System.

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